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planning / facilitation / culture

Strategic planning is the backbone of every successful business. Wilson is a veteran business executive with the ability to help your organization define its strategy, identify business priorities, develop key timelines, assess the organizational structure to accomplish the stated objectives and help you work through the appropriate allocation of resources to execute on the plan.

To achieve the best outcomes, expert strategic planning facilitation is essential. Wilson is an expert facilitator helping motivate executive leadership teams collaborate, innovate and be inspired to create achievable aspirational goals.

More than ever in our “new normal” of extensive remote working configurations, building culture within teams is requiring a new approach. It requires new and different skill sets and tactics to achieve highly functioning teams that continue to achieve “Spontaneous Ideation In a Virtual World” ™ . How do you do that, why is it important, can the benefits of pop up hallway strategic and innovation thinking moments happen in a virtual world? The answer is yes, Wilson can show you the way.

DJ is a very special person. While on the SMART Board and Marketing Committee with her, I was able to personally experience her strategic thinking, creativity, passion, and care for others. I consider her a secret weapon for organization or people looking for help problem solving through critical thinking and ideation.

- Kent Lewis, President, Anvil Media

Bring your next meeting, off-site or retreat to life with DJ.

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